Liturgical Art Services
“Taft” Chasuble made for the ordination of  
   the Chaplain of a New England boarding school.


       for Liturgical Art

Everyone responds to the Liturgical Art they see in some way. The key may be in participation, recognition of symbols, inclusion of words or the skillful use of color and form. While some examples of Liturgical Art are done on a grand scale, inspiring admiration and awe for centuries, even the smallest corner can become home to a ‘jewel’ that lifts the spirit. 

Frequently, special events inspire the creation or commissioning of Liturgical Art. Dedicating or rededicating a new building, welcoming and installing a new Priest or Pastor, or starting any New Ministry may be celebrated with visual ‘reminders’ of the love, labor and dedication given to the occasion.

Life passages present opportunities to use Liturgical Art to give thanks: Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion, Weddings, Reaffirmation of Vows & of course, Celebrating the Lives of those who have passed on.

Getting Started

You may have been inspired by the appearance and ‘style’ of Liturgical Art you have seen. Try to articulate specific aspects of the work you admire. Keep a folder of pictures. Visit in person or on-line many worship spaces. Look through the Gallery here at Laudata. There are also wonderful books showing churches of all kinds.  Don’t be afraid to think ‘outside the box’. You never know just where you’ll encounter the Spirit... 

                 Pay attention!

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