Calligraphy Services


All sorts of formal invitations ‘announce themselves’ to the recipient when addressed by a Calligrapher. In our wedding invitations guide you will find a thorough discussion of the process of getting someone (hopefully Laudata) to address your invitations.  Request a copy of Addressing Wedding Invitations, a Practical Guide by sending an e-mail to

Many other types of invitations have been done by Laudata over the years including Christmas cards, shower or rehearsal-dinner invitations, birth announcements, baptisms, bar/bas mitzvahs, anniversary celebrations, opening of new businesses, special conferences/business gatherings and more.

Certificates & Documents of Recognition

Calligraphy on Certificates: two general approaches: (1.) The certificate may be basically complete and need only to have appropriate information inserted where indicated.  (2.) You have a truly unique situation requiring a certificate to be created in its entirety, including all text and decorative elements.

Documents of Recognition are generally larger, contain more text and can appropriately be more decorated; most of the examples done by Laudata were commissioned to more fully recognize the work of an individual, dedicate a Chair/Program newly created/funded by a school/college/university, celebrate milestones/achievements in the work of an individual or community/organization.

Poetry, Prose & Personal Applications

It is most appropriate and a wonderful recognition of both the content (poetry/prose) and the occasion to commission a calligraphic rendering of the inspiring words involved.  Here the many aspects of visual presentation can be as creative and original as desired or the calligraphy can be simple, elegant and understated, letting the content carry the day.

Subjects for ‘personal calligraphy’ include poetry/prose written or chosen to recognize any special occasion, thereby marking the importance of it. Included may be original writing, favorite poems, song lyrics, dialogue from plays/movies/videos, wedding/reaffirmation vows and more.

Getting Started

As with inquiries about Wedding Invitations, contacting Laudata to create the appropriate Certificate, Document of Recognition or Calligraphic Rendering of the poetry or prose important to you is the first step. We have more than twenty-seven years of experience and can assure you of Calligraphy done with the utmost care.  You are encouraged to visit the Gallery to see examples.  Inquiry regarding costs is welcome.

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