Why Calligraphy?

The elegance and gracefulness

of calligraphic writing is a strong attraction in itself.  Learning  about the fascinating elements of how each style came into being and influenced the culture into which it was born makes the ‘hook’ of Calligraphy nearly irresistible.  Exhibitions of well-known historic documents draw large numbers of viewers to see carefully preserved and tended works from many cultures.  Then there is the incredible body of calligraphic work that has been done by professionals in recent years; their websites keep us informed as to the latest projects.  In addition, professional organizations offer comradeship to calligraphers both locally and world-wide, making what is often a very isolated work experience into one where colleagues are close at hand. 

Calligraphic letter-forms

offer relief from the sleek, mostly computer-generated styles appearing in our print media.  Contrary to the need for efficiency in most aspects of our lives, we like the idea that someone actually wrote each letter by hand!  The personal attention aspect of calligraphy certainly conveys the sense of respect for both the content and recipient or reader.

One of the most enjoyable aspects

of being a Calligrapher is in meeting the many interesting people who seek my services.  I have never had an experience with anyone that could be character-ized as ‘negative’ in any sense.  Clients seem to be happy with my work and with the experience as a whole, often returning when other calligraphy needs arise.  Several cherished friendships have resulted, for which I am thankful.